Intensive treatment

Our outpatient program is a year-long program divided into three 8-week treatment stages and 6 months of after care. Throughout the substance abuse treatment program, participants work in group and individual counseling sesions, with evening and morning availability for scheduling convenience.

Stage One

Participants must attend two ninety-minute group sessions either three or four times a week.

This first stage includes:


12-step education

Relapse prevention

Basic group-therapy work

Chemical dependency education

Family education and multi-family group

Stage Two

The purpose of this second phase is to develop an ongoing personal recovery program separate from treatment. Participants must attend two ninety-minute sessions, three times a week plus one family session. In this stage, we identify and begin to resolve new and chronic obstacles to recovery.

Stage Three

Participants in this final group-session phase will continue addressing daily recovery issues. Simultaneously the personal skills, family support, and community resources developed over the healing process will be used to help participants enjoy a satisfying and sober lifestyle.

After-care and family education

Participants who have completed our twelve to sixteen week alcohol and drug program graduate to our aftercare program. Weekly and semi-monthly group meetings address day-to-day and long-term recovery issues while maintaining the group support.

Our program also includes a weekly family education group to educate and involve family members in treatment. Participant families can learn more about the recovery process, including our drug education, 12-step study, relapse prevention and recovery process classes.

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Healing Is An Extended Process

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