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There are many myths and misconceptions that alcohol and drugs can enhance our creativity and allow us to have more profound thoughts and ideas. This can be true, while under the influence of substances, but the real truth is fact the opposite. Creativity is the reason why we have such wonderful books, songs, movies, art, etc. in the world we live in today. It is a beautiful way in which many of us have learned to express ourselves. It is also the important part of Addiction Therapy.

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Creativity plays an important role in Addiction Recovery. When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our judgement is altered and oftentimes, we lose that creative drive that allowed us to engage in projects and ideas we once loved. If you want to make an appointment for Addiction Recovery, you can request a quote by making a constructive call at this number +1(877)-290-2058.

Top 10 Ways Creativity Supports Addiction Recovery

ways creativity supports addiction recovery

The good news here is that creativity can be an excellent outlet and resource for those of us in recovery. Here are 10 ways creativity supports addiction recovery: 

  1. Creativity can act as a coping skill. There are many ways in which creativity can help you cope with addiction, stress, loss, etc. Creative tools such as writing, painting, drawing, playing or writing music can all be used as a way to cope with some of the negative emotions that come with the struggles of life. 
  2. Helps to regulate and express emotions. By having different creative tools and outlets, it is far more likely that you will be able to better regulate your emotions, both positive or negative. Creativity can also help you express your emotions in ways you feel most comfortable which can help you better understand yourself and others. 
  3. Can help heal shameful emotions and thoughts. When a person enters recovery, they are often filled with a lot of shame and guilt. It has been studied that feelings of shame are more easily expressed through imagery or symbolism. Using these creative tools can help those in recovery express and heal from any feelings of guilt or shame. 
  4. Creativity helps with relapse prevention. Having a creative pastime, such as ceramics or reading, can help you stay focused on your recovery and keep your mind and body distracted from any possible thoughts of relapse. Thoughts of boredom or laziness can lead to drug cravings and using again, so having healthy and creative outlets can help prevent drug relapse
  5. Connect deeper with others in recovery. Having different creative hobbies and activities to engage in is a great way to build deep connections with others in recovery. Not only can you connect with others with similar creative ways as you, but it can also allow you to be more understanding towards ways in which others in recovery express themselves. 
  6. Can give you a sense of purpose and reach goals. When a person enters recovery, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are common, but by having creative activities that bring you joy, those feelings can be diminished. Hobbies and activities can bring you a sense of purpose and allow you to set and reach personal goals made by yourself. 
  7. Creativity can increase playfulness and help heal your inner child. When we become adults, we often forget that it is still important to have fun and be silly. By being creative in different ways, you can be reminded of the joys of being a child and help heal any wounds within your inner child through forms such as coloring or playing different instruments. 
  8. Can help build structure and routine. When you find a way to express yourself in a creative way, it can be easy for it to become a part of your normal routine. Having structure and routine in your life can greatly help when in addiction recovery. This will also help you become more consistent and proactive. 
  9. Can become a professional career. With the right amount of passion and dedication, you can use your creative ways to help boost your career to help throughout your entire recovery. There are many ways to make money through creativity, such as through artwork, jewelry making, or stained glass. Find your niche, and build a business! 
  10. Help with concentration and productivity. Creativity can help you stay focused on single projects at a time, which will help with concentration. Throughout recovery, concentration and motivation may be hard to obtain, and creativity can help you improve these skills and become more productive while doing so.  

The Healing Power of Creativity in Addiction Recovery

It is amazing how much healing can happen through creativity while in addiction recovery. Just think of how many books and songs are based on drug abuse and recovery. Being creative allows you to express yourself the way you want to, which can help speed up the recovery process. Drugs and alcohol can suck the life out of us, so there are large number of benefits of quitting drinking & alcohol. By seeking recovery, and exploring different creative outlets, the power of healing will be evident and strong. 

Ways to Explore Creativity in Addiction Recovery

Whether you used to sew as a child, or wrote poetry in your teen years, exploring your creative ways can sometimes feel daunting at first, especially when starting addiction recovery. But the important thing to remember, is that your recovery is the priority as is healing any past traumas, mending any broken relationships, and bettering your overall mental health. There are many ways creativity supports addiction recovery, and it is up to you to find what works for you! 

Ways to explore your own creativity in recovery starts with trying new things. It may feel uncomfortable, at first, to pick up a paintbrush and paint a canvas, or write your feelings down on paper, but with time and effort, the right creative tools will start to feel more natural and organic and even help you feel more motivated towards your recovery. Explore what feels right and make it a point to stay consistent. Your recovery will feel less heavy and draining with an enjoyable way to express yourself. 

Benefits of Creativity in Addiction Recovery

There are endless benefits and ways creativity supports addiction recovery. The biggest benefit is that it provides you a way to express your emotions and struggles through the form of art, writing, or crafts. It is a beautiful way to build confidence in yourself and your work without the help of substances or alcohol. It can connect you with others who engage in similar hobbies and activities and help keep you focused while in recovery. It can even help sharpen your mind, when the drugs were doing the opposite

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