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Alcohol and Substance Abuse from a Counsellor's Viewpoint

“Help! A single word which many of us say when we are in a problem but even fewer of us have a solution all so often. My name is Gezabelle Carrillo and I chose the dedicated career path in the alcohol and substance abuse field because of my passion for empowering others and HELPING others with rebuilding their lives.

I know firsthand how addiction can take over and destroy the lives of many, growing up I was raised in a dysfunctional household where alcohol and substance abuse was a major factor. I witnessed the mental and physical toll this disease took on the ones I loved. I knew I wanted to be the change, not only for my family, but too also help other families that have also been affected by addiction. To understand addiction is fundamentally complex in several manners, by encompassing the mind and body, the illness stems from multiple roots which cause many different chemical, physical and psychological changes to occur within our body. Not only does it involve the compulsive use of one or more substances despite serious health it also brings social and economic consequences which often are drastically impacting the quality of our lives.

I used the toxic environment I was surrounded by as my fuel to help, guide, and advocate for those who truly want to change. As an AOD Counselor, I have crossed paths with many lost and misunderstood individuals, who in time with faith, determination, and courage have learned to change and recover their lives. My endeavors to assist and support patient with their goals of rebuilding their lives has led my patients to succeed beyond their past and develop one’s own identity. I enjoy seeing patients take back control of their lives and diminish the stigma behind addiction, being considered a never-ending cycle. With my patients, I love to focus on relapse prevention and creating personalized action plans that these individuals are able to use every day with their Journey to Recovery.

I am patient focused and flexible on meeting a health warrior wherever they may be in the stages of life. It’s a difficult journey at first but should never be taken alone. No one person is the same and all care must be personal and unique to the client. Everyone’s story is different but the importance and willingness to learn, grow and change, should not go unheard. As a Co-Founder of Grant me the Courage Recovery – Outpatient treatment center, I have been allowed to help, empower and change many lives. The work we do here is amazing and for me there is no better feeling then that!

I am a Healthcare Warrior who is helping build solutions to problems. Want to join me? Call me at 877-290-2058 .


Melissa Bautista


- A personal note from Gez (your Healthcare Warrior)"

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