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Whether it is for drugs or alcohol, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) can be the solution to treating your addiction and having a successful recovery. Intensive outpatient programs can be used to treat not only addiction, but also other mental health disorders such as depression or eating disorders. So, get here the goals of IOP & why to prefer it over other types of addiction treatment? 

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Intensive outpatient programs allow the individual seeking recovery to have more intensive care than regular outpatient programs, while still keeping their daily routine with work, school, etc. Individuals are able to live on their own, while still receiving high quality substance use treatment. These programs are built to help you break free from addiction and better your overall mental health by teaching you new skills and techniques that can be used forever. There are many people who wants to know where to find IOP Near Me.

Primary Goals of IOP in Substance Abuse

The primary goals of IOP in substance use is to help individuals learn skills needed to prevent relapse, and live a drug-free life. Here are the top 4 goals of IOP in Substance Abuse. 

  1. Heal from past trauma
  2. Identify possible triggers and reasons for the drug use
  3. Develop new and healthy coping skills 
  4. Learn relapse prevention techniques 

IOP’s also educate individuals on their addiction and other co-occurring mental health disorders. IOP provides educational group classes as well as intensive therapy, both group and individual. Highly trained mental health professionals in IOP’s help individuals. The focus is on healing the person as a whole, and not just on substance use disorder. Most intensive outpatient programs understand that drug addiction is often accompanied by other mental health disorders such as anxiety or PTSD. Through these programs, you will also be provided tools and resources for aftercare to help you maintain sobriety after treatment has ended. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Drug Addiction

goals of iop

With IOP’s allowing the individuals seeking recovery to live at home, it is very important that this home is a safe and supportive environment. Drug addiction is a mental illness, and can be difficult to treat when surrounded by possible triggers. However, one of the main focuses of these programs are relapse prevention and learning to use healthy coping skills to manage stress and loss. By living on your own and being within the community, you are able to use these new skills and build resilience towards drug use and triggers.

Intensive outpatient programs can be greatly effective for treating drug addiction and there are several benefits to choosing this route. Connection is a huge part of recovery, and through IOP you are able to connect with many others who are struggling with drug addiction through group work and group therapy. IOP also involves family and close friends in the treatment plans which can help the individual to feel extra supported by those closest to them. 

Drug addiction often comes with feelings of loneliness and depression, but intensive outpatient programs help you to not feel so alone during your recovery. You will have the opportunity to engage with others in recovery and help build a strong support system outside of treatment.  

Why Choose IOP Over Other Options?

Although intensive outpatient programs are not full time, 24/7 care, these programs can still help you reach your recovery goals while receiving strong support. This option allows you to still maintain your regular life, whether that is taking care of a family, working full or part time, attending school, etc. and classes are typically flexible on times throughout the day. This makes treatment easily accessible for even the busiest people.

Intensive outpatient programs are not only flexible, but are also much more affordable than other addiction treatment options. The cost of these programs include educational classes, group, individual and sometimes family therapy, and medication management (if needed). IOP are a great treatment option for those with milder addictions and live in a safe environment away from drug use and triggering situations. 


Intensive outpatient programs focus on your needs throughout recovery. These programs allow you to better understand your addiction, chemical dependence, and other mental health issues that may be causing the drug addiction. IOP’s are flexible and affordable and easily available to those seeking addiction recovery. 

Grant Me the Courage Recovery provides excellent addiction recovery treatment through an intensive outpatient program. This year-long program is divided into 3 stages, each 8 weeks long and are staffed with highly trained and qualified professionals. Throughout this program, you will learn all of the tools needed to live the life you deserve, drug free. Grant Me the Courage Recovery is here for you and wants you to have a safe recovery while being fully supported throughout the entire process. Contact us (877-290-2058) today to start your journey to recovery!

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