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There was reference throughout this inquiry to the fact that the responsibility for off-licence prescribing rested with the prescriber and that this was a clinical decision which had to be made depending upon the circumstances of each individual case. However, it was also clear from the evidence led at the inquiry that it is fully accepted within the medical profession that off-licence prescribing is common practice, particularly in paediatrics. It seems to me that a drugs manufacturer does not carry out its promotional and marketing functions conscientiously and responsibly if it fails to take this reality into account. It also seems to me that, in the light of this fact, a drugs company must be particularly assiduous in ensuring that extreme caution is exercised when claims are made about the safety aspects of a drug.

Your doctor or specialist nurse can give you information about any drug trials that may be suitable for you. Letter template for at risk patients and carers for GPs to invite patients at risk of flu due to a medical condition or age, and their carers, to have enandrol testosterona their annual flu vaccine. The national flu immunisation programme for 2021 to 2022 slideset is available to download and an information document for healthcare practitioners on the influenza vaccination programme for 2021 to 2021 has also been published.

‘Discussion- From the evidence reviewed in the previous sections it is possible that HPA axis suppression may occur at currently licensed doses in children. However, the literature is far from consistent, with a number of well-designed studies showing no effect at licensed doses. However, children with severe chronic asthma are increasingly being prescribed high doses of inhaled corticosteroids to control their symptoms as an alternative to oral corticosteroids and possibly in the belief that this is a safe alternative with few system effects. At these high doses there is convincing evidence that significant adrenal suppression, with clinically relevant sequelae, occurs.

  • The pain and stiffness in the joints can make carrying out everyday activities difficult for some people with the condition.
  • High levels of lithium in the blood are dangerous, so anyone taking lithium must have regular blood tests.
  • Surgery may also be an option for some people whose symptoms have stopped responding to medication.

On 2 February 2000, Dr Shapiro saw Emma, who had an upper respiratory tract infection. He noted that they should wait 2 weeks and then decrease the steroid to 1,000 micrograms daily. On 22 December 1998, Dr Shapiro reviewed Emma and noted that she was 75% better but was still symptomatic.

Detecting delirium

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These include recommended training requirements by workforce group for influenza vaccination , suggested content that should be covered in theoretical or work-based training and a competency assessment tool that all new influenza vaccinators should complete . While the cause of Emma’s death has been determined, it became apparent during the course of the inquiry that her death came about as a result of a combination of several circumstances. I hope that all the questions that Emma’s parents had have been raised and addressed at the inquiry. Dr Todd said that all clinicians should have access to the data, clinical studies and all other information lodged in support of a licence application.


There appears to be nothing in Dr Cochran’s correspondence with Dr Shapiro to suggest that he was concerned about Dr Shapiro’s management of Emma’s asthma, despite the fact that Dr Shapiro had specifically raised his concern about “inordinate quantities of therapy”. Certainly, Dr Cochran’s written response to the referral was that Dr Shapiro should consider a reduction in fluticasone but this was already an issue for Dr Shapiro which he had been addressing for over a year. When I asked Dr Donaldson about his use of the phrase “at least in part”, in his report, he explained that a direct link between Emma’s presentation of cerebral oedema and hyponatraemia and adrenal insufficiency is not widely recognised and that the exact mechanism of cerebral oedema found in Emma and Calum remains unclear.

The results of these tests showed that Calum had severe adrenal suppression. On 19 March 2002 Dr Malcolm Donaldson examined Calum at the endocrine clinic at Yorkhill. Dr Donaldson concluded from the results of the synacthen tests, the fact that Calum had been on high dose fluticasone and that his sister had died and that she had been on high dose fluticasone, that both Calum’s illness and Emma’s death were related to acute adrenal insufficiency.

Can flu and COVID-19 vaccines be given at the same time?

He said that a general practitioner would suspect any steroid of being systemically absorbed. He believed that the nasal steroid in question does carry a warning about the possibility of systemic absorption. As to whether it was chemically inert when absorbed, he said that that was a matter for a pharmacologist or pharmacist. Dr Shapiro said that the recommendations in Current Problems in Pharmacovigilance were important but did not effect his prescribing pattern for inhaled steroids in view of the other reinforcement he had that this was appropriate prescribing.

He said that it would have been disproportionate to highlight one particular member of that class. His view was that, if you were to compare them dose for dose, the risk would be greater for fluticasone because it is more potent but once you take that into account there is evidence of clinically important adrenal suppression and other systemic effects occurring with the other products. He said that, at the time when the 1997 review was carried out, the MCA had received 28 reports of adrenal suppression or adrenal insufficiency on the yellow card database, 13 with beclamethasone and 15 with fluticasone. Dr Leather said that Glaxo took reports of adverse events about their drugs very seriously.

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