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Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Brea California

Outpatient Treatment Center,
Brea California

Call Us Now Grant me the Courage Recovery provide individuals and families with the courage to rebuild their lives.
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Grant Me The Courage

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Your City

Discover compassionate care

This journey does not mean the end of your life. Work closely with us to design the best possible treatment plan for your recovery, and get back on the road to success.

Innovative treatment programs

Get treatment proven and endorsed by leading scientists in the addiction field. All services are handled confidentially by certified professionals in a safe place.

Your health is our priority

If you or a loved one is suffering from an drug & alcohol addiction, you want treatment that works to build confidence. Learn about the therapy programs offered at our rehab center in Brea California.

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A Leader in Outpatient Drug Treatment Solutions

Grant Me the Courage Recovery is a comprehensive outpatient treatment center providing day treatment to men and women of all ages. Grant Me the Courage Recovery provides patients the freedom of movement which allows them to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and educational responsibilities. 

Grant Me the Courage Recovery has created a unique and individualized Outpatient Curriculum differentiating and addressing the specific needs of the clients they serve. This curriculum differs from the ordinary Outpatient Curriculum and specializes in second stage recovery-focused assistance. Statistics have shown the longer a recovering person stays in treatment the better the chance of long-term sobriety

Grant me the Courage Recovery Addiction Treatment Center is near by popular areas like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Los Angeles & Riverside

Why Choose an Outpatient Treatment Service?

On a Mission to Heal Drug Addiction

It is our mission at Grant me the Courage Recovery to provide individuals and families with the courage to rebuild their lives. Our facility is staffed with licensed therapists and certified counselors trained by the Matrix Institute of Addiction. This evidence-based program has been trusted for over 20 years in researching proper treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

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