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Personalized Care

Personalized Care

Grant Me the Courage Recovery understands that no two people are completely alike, so there’s no such thing as “standardized treatment.” Following our thorough assessments, each plan is constructed to meet each participant's needs and patterns.

Utilizing progressive addiction rehabilitation techniques and an innovative, personal approach, our treatment plans have resulted in much higher rates of individual success for sobriety even after the program ends.
Learn to live again

Each participant is treated with a non-judgemental and supportive stance to help them re-learn healthy behaviors that will help them soar when treatment ends. You won’t sit through lecture after lecture about addictions and the underlying causes – instead, your recovery is focused on helping you to better function in day-to-day life.

Our caring, understanding, home-like environment affords many opportunities to demonstrate healthy skills and put new ones into practice. When you leave Grant Me the Courage, you will leave a fully empowered individual equipped with all the life skills you need to maintain your sobriety!

While many addiction treatment facilities help you sober up, Grant Me the Courage provides comprehensive recovery plans to meet your specific needs. Free yourself from the oppression of chemical dependency today.

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