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What is Addiction?

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is when a person ingests a substance (alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, etc.) or engages in an activity (gambling, sex, shopping, etc.) that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and dependent which interferes with work, relationships, or health.

Although addicts are often times aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others, the obsession to use overrides the awareness. We at Grant Me the Courage Recovery insist that psychological dependency, as may be the case with food, gambling, sex, internet, work, exercise, etc. should also be counted as addiction. 

Substance Abuse and Process addiction can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, despair, failure, rejection, anxiety and/or humiliation. They will use substances or vices as a way to escape the pain of feeling those negative emotions they are avoiding. Simply put, when a person is addicted to something they cannot control how they use it, and become dependent on it to cope with daily life.

Grant Me the Courage Recovery believes that in order to treat the addiction, the underlying core issues must be discovered, treated, and resolved.  We offer many services and programs to assist you in your recovery such as :

  • Relapse Prevention/Triggers
  • Recovery Coaching & Education
  • Life Coaching
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry

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