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Our Team

Christa Chaffins


Christa's passion and commitment to recovery is evident in her work and care for the clients at Grant Me the Courage Recovery. She has almost 15 years of recovery experience where she has taught, guided and mentored people in many different stages of their recovery. In her groups, she addresses a wide variety of issues such as freedom from addictions, codependency, boundaries, conflict resolution and education. She is certified through the state of California, CCAPP, as a Certified Addiction Specialist and as a Freedom Movement Life Coach. She helped launch and lead the recovery ministry at Rockharbor church in Costa Mesa and is currently serving there as a leader and a teacher. Her love of group facilitation and case management fuels the work that she does and her genuine care for the growth, health and healing of all of our clients is her main concern and motivation. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve at Grant Me the Courage to help walk alongside people as they find their own path to healing and life-long recovery.

Gezabelle Carrillo

Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Gezabelle has over 4 years of experience working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. She is committed to helping others recover and rebuild their lives. Gezabelle's approach is rooted in the belief that healing and positive change is possible in a devine therapeutic environment. She specializes in meeting and guiding clients wherever they may be in there journey to overcome addiction, depression, and anxiety. With courage, faith, and determination all things become possible.

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