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Intensive Outpatient Services

Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Services

Clients will begin their journey at Grant Me the Courage by engaging in full-day comprehensive services, which include a variety of groups such as psychoeducation, trauma-informed care, and life skills to help them get back to a safe, healthy, and sober lifestyle. Clients then transition to half-day IOP services, which allow them more time in the day to find employment and build their community support systems.

Small Population for Individualized Care

Grant Me the Courage prides itself on its small, intimate group setting, which allows for focused, individualized care for each client. Our smaller population allows each client to receive personalized care to meet their specific treatment needs.

Active One-on-one Case Management

Clients work with their own personal case manager on a weekly basis to support their exclusive goals and achievements to get their life back on track. Case managers also provide ongoing support throughout the week to encourage clients’ growth and progress.

Customized Treatment and Discharge Planning

Upon arrival in the program, clients will receive one-on-one care from their own personal case manager to create objectives such as mental health services, employment services, educational opportunities, and more. Clients will also be actively engaged in personal discharge planning and aftercare planning to help support next steps and build on what they have learned during their time in treatment.

Engaging Group Therapy with Evidence-based Modalities

Skilled, trained, and licensed addiction specialists facilitate a wide variety of group topics, including psychoeducation, relapse prevention, coping skills, CBT, anger management, boundaries, and codependency.

Life Skills and Support Services

As part of the comprehensive treatment planning, clients will engage in life skills training, resume building, job search, and community referrals to help achieve ultimate success during and after treatment.

Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions

Clients meet weekly with trained associates who can help find the underlying issues that may lead to active addictions and other compulsions. Grant Me the Courage creates a safe space for clients to get to the bottom of core issues and find new ways to cope and thrive in life.

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