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Comprehensive Analysis

Upon arrival, each of our patients receives a complimentary assessment conducted by a member of our courteous clinical team. Because we at Grant Me the Courage Recovery believe in working with all elements of healing, each analysis is extremely thorough. In this way, you or a loved one can receive the most customized treatment possible.

The assessment covers these areas

  • Family history.
  • Medical history.
  • Psychiatric analysis.
  • Biological assessment.
  • Psychological assessment.
  • Physical analysis with complete history.
  • Solid assessments for stronger results.
  • Our analysis will allow the team at Grant Me The Courage Recovery to evaluate all aspects for each individual’s condition. This helps us to bring you the most personal and comprehensive treatment available.
  • Let us set you up for long-term sobriety and success.
  • Sliding payment scales available for qualified participants.

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