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According to the NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health), 96% of the people with addictions do not believe that they need help. Whereas in actuality, they are in denial, afraid, or ashamed. In their minds, they will rationalize or justify their actions to distract others regarding their issues. There are most commonly four main reasons that prevent people from enrolling in drug addiction treatment service: denial, fear, and shame.

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Top 4 Reasons Preventing People From Enrolling in Rehab


Denial is the leading component that enables addiction to flourish. A person dealing with life’s problems believes that the use of drugs is helping them manage their difficulties. They do not realize that drugs are the root of their troubles. A person through the stress of losing a job or the loss of a loved one, often views you are ready. use of drugs as an aide and not the source of the problem.


The fear people face concerning rehab and what recovery entails is real. They know that recovery involves detox which is sometimes painful. The pain involves both emotional turmoil.

(painful and agonizing memories) and physical discomfort. They realize that recovery is not like a class – when a class is completed it is not tested or dealt with again. It is a life commitment and journey. The conflicts remain and have to be dealt with repeatedly. It takes courage to enter a rehab center because they understand the circumstances they will be facing.

Knowing that the commitment is a lifetime journey of sobriety which can be formidable/staggering, they face the fear of failure. They may also fear failing if they have already gone through a rehab program and are returning. It is easy to understand why a person may fear to seek the treatment they greatly need.


It is difficult for a person to admit to addiction due to the stigma placed on it in society so this is also one of the common reasons preventing people from enrolling in rehab centers. It is difficult for a person to admit to having a weakness must less one that involves disgrace. Shame can be a barrier for someone seeking help because of the enormous emotional turmoil they are dealing with daily. It, therefore, becomes an obstacle in seeking the treatment needed. They feel worthless, unworthy, and self-loathing, therefore; they see no reason for the pain and enduring the shame of turning their life around.


A person’s finances may at times be a stumbling block toward seeking treatment. They fear it may be a financial hardship for their family. It is important that financial options are known before going into treatment. Listed are several websites that will aid in obtaining the financial aid needed for a person’s rehab.

The majority of the time a person seeking help with addiction has only a short window of wanting to seek the help they need. The realization of needing help can fade quickly. It is imperative that the family or friend be prepared to get the help they need immediately. If someone you know is asking or is willing to get the needed treatment ACT QUICKLY. You need to have a plan in place – a facility in mind. Call in readiness and talk to them ahead of time.

How Enrolling in Rehab Will Change Your Life?

Enrolling in Rehab center can bring significant changes to your life. You will get treatment from a team of experienced staff. If you’re unable to give full-time to rehabs, then don’t worry. There are many outpatient treatment programs that can help you without requiring any in-house care.

Grant Me The Courage Recovery, an outpatient treatment center located in Brea, California recognizes the importance of being prepared and the importance it plays in addition to recovery. Contact us now at (877) 290-2058 to learn about a variety of recovery resources available to you.


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