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Wanna know more about outpatient drug rehab programs for recovery from addiction for yourself or a loved one? Here you go.

Outpatient drug rehab programs are non-residential recovery programs. As the names suggests, in an outpatient program you are not required to stay in the rehab center. You can go about with your daily chores,

attend college or continue your job simultaneously alongside rehab. However, that doesn’t mean you are completely disconnected from the rehab center! You are expected to visit the treatment center two to four times a week for either counselling sessions or continued education or for a course on relapse prevention and other related interventions. Each session typically lasts from two to four hours.

life in outpatient treatment center

A Glimpse into a Typical Day of an Outpatient Drug Rehab Member

Healthy Nutrition Charts

While at home you will prepare your meals following the healthy nutrition charts suggested by the skilled medical staff. Unlike a residential drug rehab treatment program, you or your loved one will have to prepare your everyday meals independently. For this, the nutritionists at the rehab center would have provided a detailed food-chart on what to eat and what not to!

Constantly-Monitored Self-Care Regime

If you or your loved one is at home/office/college/playing a sport your assigned wellness and health-care professional would have provided you with a wellness and fitness routine to follow which typically includes one or most of the following: exercises, meditation, recreational activities such as playing an indoor or outdoor sport, and sometimes even reading. You will also be given uninterrupted medical support which may require you to consume a healthy intake of vitamins and supplements to recover from addiction with less stress and more ease.

What are the rehab-activities you will participate in during the outpatient drug rehab program?

One-on-One Counseling

As an outpatient member for an outpatient drug rehab program, your case-study will be analyzed individually and catered to according to your needs for recovery. One-on-one therapy sessions are prominent part of outpatient programs. The private and confidential conversations with your or your loved-one will help the skilled-medical counselors and psychologists to understand your demographics, case-history, addiction history and pattern, and your desires with recovery. During the one-on-one counselling, therapists adopt talk therapy, art therapy, cognitive-behavioral-dialectical therapy, and the like to help you overcome addiction.

Group Therapy

Group therapy works wonders in the outpatient drug rehab programs. Group therapy has immense potential for recovery. In these therapies, other outpatient members are allowed to share their life experiences with addiction, victory, destructive thoughts, triggers, stressors, and other potential issues. These sessions are moderated by the credentialed specialists/counselors/psychologists. What affects the most here is the lived experiences of addiction which transforms into emotional and physical motivation, spiritual and psychological strength. Beyond all this, it becomes a platform for new bonds and friendships. Majorly, it aids in boosting positive mental health among various outpatients. It will also help you gain a fresh perspective to the various problems on your road to recovery. So, choose to recover! Look up for a good outpatient mental health program near you and sign up instantly.

Relapse Prevention Course

Recovery and sobriety are huge challenges. Being by oneself or independent living without vigilance can be the biggest threat on your road to recovery. Most often, lone time gives rise to triggers/destructive thoughts/impulses/uncontrollable temptation which soars the chances of relapse. So, other than counselling sessions and therapies, good outpatient mental health programs will also walk with you for a considerable time after recovery to ensure a stable mental health. They extend emotional and cognitive support through relapse prevention counselling.


Recovery is a long-standing process. Gaining control over addiction and becoming accountable for one’s own actions is not the final climax. Your addiction crisis is also not resolved completely even after outpatient program completion. Good outpatient mental health programs understand this vulnerability and provide continued care, assistance, education, and supportive therapies. The level of independence is gradually increased by extending weekly-bi-weekly-monthly aftercare sessions. Thus, it is a gradual step-down from intensive case to general outpatient care, followed by aftercare.

So, now you know outpatient drug rehab programs/outpatient alcohol rehab programs does not necessarily mean:

  • You are less cared for.
  • You are isolated.
  • You are not monitored.
  • You are left alone during your weakest/vulnerable moments.
  • You are fighting the battle against addiction alone.

A good outpatient drug rehab programs/outpatient alcohol rehab programs typically means:

  • Your day starts off with a routine suggested by your assigned recovery specialist/wellness and fitness trainer.
  • You are closely monitored by your recovery specialist through counseling sessions and therapies.
  • You are trained to combat your triggers/destructive thoughts/impulses/uncontrollable temptation.
  • You are trained to strengthen your mental health.
  • You have an assigned counsellor or psychologist in whom you can confide your fears, worries and anxieties without any fear of being judged.
  • You have a supportive group that shares their struggles and success stories with recovery from addiction.
  • You have friends with similar experiences who never make you feel lonely in this rigorous battle.

Sign up for an Outpatient Rehab Program

What are you waiting for? Outpatient rehab is a wise option too! You can recover even while you stay at home! Choose to recover through outpatient drug rehab programs. Choose Grant Me the Courage to Recovery and dial 877-290-2058 to make your journey to recovery a smooth one!

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